With my decree –

My words echo true

Most of us stand

When we’re told to 

Follow the drowning

Watch their waves hold you down

What you’ll learn is astounding 

While your lives are rewound 

Equal Grief 

but just the sequel –

Once lost and twice we’re found.

Believe the power is the people – Equal is the dream aloud


Elisabeth Lied

Began to feel my thoughts were clean

Mapped my sorrows – attached a key

Blacked out the sun for days in hopes

I’d emerge relieved but no —

Grappled with the holy ghost

Asked him why but find I’m close

To the point of letting go

Some things in life you can’t control

Like yesterday it takes a toll

Sanity is faith in Hope

Hope is gone I pray to cope

I feel these words are wasted though

Traced my patterns – erased my soul

Gave what’s left and kept a clone

Trained my eyes to see the light

Again reborn – I came to fight

The Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness may be perpetual as the idea instills a need to find that which we all have the capacity for, without looking outward in the way of higher earnings, sexy cars or other vanities that we are to believe equal this idea of happiness. Learn to appreciate the good you have in your life and you will be happy during your pursuit of opportunities – Augment your means but never let your wants dictate who you are because after you have that Mercedes you may find that it’s not enough or worse yet – nothing ever is. – This has been a public service announcement from Equal Grief


Life is too serious to take too seriously
My body is a temple; my mind a mystery
Judge me if you must from your pretty glass house
Know I am not above or below anyone else
We’re all in the dirt at the end of the day
No matter what you believe or to whom you pray
I am not an agnostic as my words might imply
Far from an atheist, the laziest religion to try
Christian I was raised and I talk to god everyday
That said, life is not as black and white as our bible portrays
40 generations, 40 points of view, kings to prophets to crooks
I have respect for contradictions you can find in this book
What interests me is the common points between different religions
I believe these speak a truth in amidst our works of fiction
Don’t mistake my disbelief with a bitter lack of faith
As I’m sure the Lord is tolerant of opinions that we make
All or nothing seems too closed minded to see
I believe in you even if you don’t believe in me

As It Was

All that was will be and what will be will be as it was – and never the same all at once

Though life holds no guarantees except our history repeats

Attempts to “put the past behind us” is the bliss of ignorance

All good things must come to pass in time the world will see

This goes not only for the good but for each and everything

All that was will be – I see the future as the past

Society’s insane in spite of changes made – perhaps

We could find a better way before our worlds collapse

So instead of as it was we must build anew from scratch

So all that was may have been but what will be

 A change made out of need stitched with common empathy

Beautiful Lies

Remnants of the man I was
Misplaced trust she’s scandalous 
Fell heart first her eyes disguised
The web she spun of careful lies
Intricate and so sublime
Whispered words still in my mind
Lingered long after she took
The best of me a crafty crook
My better half has broken me
I let her have what’s most to me